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Our consulting and mentoring services are the logical extension of our coaching activities. We make good use of the active listening skills at the basis of our coaching to develop the kind of trust essential to a productive and rewarding relationship.

Consulting and mentoring services


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Here, the focus is on the mentor’s expertise and the knowledge they’ve acquired over the course of their career.


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Our mentors use active listening techniques, open questions, and reformulation and reframing methods while at the same time transferring their experience in order to effectively foster reflection.


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At this stage, the emphasis is on providing feedback in response to the way the client acts.

The mentor takes on the role of critic, giving commentary, probing, evaluating, and even challenging the client.

Role Model

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Here, the mentor’s experience serves as inspirational material as they provide examples and share values related to the client’s goals and plans.


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In this final phase, the goal is to achieve client autonomy and a highly mature mentor/mentee relationship. Here, the focus is on encouragement, projection and visualization, clarification, and even celebrating success.

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