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Innergia coaching is ideal for high energy individuals & talent, especially those with exceptional drive. Individual coaching promotes dedication and achieving one’s full potential regardless of the size of your organization.

Whether you are an established executive, manager, entrepreneur or professional rethinking your career, Innergia will enhance your professional development.

Our coaching is individualized to help you develop your own style and approach. Your objectives become our goalposts.

The power of our approach lies in the way Innergia targets your personal development to spark new thinking, awareness and approaches to life and business challenges. Our coaches help you set achievable, measurable and relevant goals as well as develop a coherent, realistic strategy to achieve them.

Personalized packages designed just for you

Executive Women

– Package –

A package designed especially for high-calibre women to ease the path to the executive suite, and currently remain underrepresented in senior management positions. A number of Innergia coaches are women who have successfully navigated challenging workplace environments. Our coaches will show you how to leverage your skills and overcome potential biases in your workplace.

“The time for female leadership is now.”

Young Managers

– Package –

This package is designed especially for young, high potential managers who are interested to hone their business acumen, strategic thinking and leadership skills.

Emphasis is placed to assessing a Young Manager’s people skills, leadership and team member skills as well as looks to identify opportunities for improvement.

The package encourages Young Managers to lead initiatives, assess and take calculated risks as well as work effectively with a team so that you succeed together.

Our coaches will challenge Young Managers to advance performance, leadership and teamwork.

“Become the performance and results driven leader you were meant to be.”

Professional Integration

– Package –

Are you ready to step fully into an executive role and meet the challenges quickly and effectively? Your Innergia coach can help you integrate as a newly appointed executive; able to establish and build harmonious relationships with your new peers, employees, more senior management as well as members of your company’s board of directors.

This package uses a hybrid training / coaching model.

“Take the lead on collaboration and team building.”

Kickstart Your Career

– Package –

This package helps you identify your needs, interests and skills. Your Innergia coach will help you leverage your own strengths, talents and unique core competencies while staying production and on the right track.

“Channel your energy to bring out your very best.”

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We help top-level decision-makers and managers fulfill their potential and guide their teams more effectively in pursuit of their goals.