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Suzanne Delisle

Suzanne Delisle

PCC Certified Coach, ICF
Coaching Mentor

 Associate Certified Coach - International Coaching Federation, Nova Profil, Erickson International, Certified Trauma Informed Coach

A seasoned executive

With more than 25 years of management experience under her belt, Suzanne Delisle has a firm grasp of business, especially in the realms of corporate finance and administration. Her vast experience in both the private and public sectors gives her a keen understanding of your reality.

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A qualified coach

Suzanne is a graduate of Erickson International and a coach certified by the ICF (International Coach Federation). She also holds a Certificate in Corporate Governance from Laval University’s Collège des administrateurs de sociétés and is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA-CA). In addition, she has a subspecialty as Trauma Informed Coach, C.T.I.C. and she holds NOVA certification in the use of psychometric tools.

A sought-after mentor

Alongside her professional work, Suzanne generously shares her expertise with the broader community through her volunteer engagements, including as a mentor with the Association of Quebec Women in Finance (AFFQ)

A woman of commitment

Suzanne is actively involved in the professional community. Not only is she an International Coach Federation Quebec chapter board member, she also serves as a board member and chair of the audit committee of Régie d’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ). She chairs the audit committee for the Office of the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions and is a member of the audit committee of Ministère des Affaires Municipales et Habitation (MAMH). She has also sat on nonprofit boards for organizations such as Aéroport de Québec, Orchestre symphonique de Québec, and Fondation du CHUQ.

Collège des administrateurs de sociétés, cpa
Mauren Cox

Maureen Cox

ACC Certified Coach, ICF
Strategic Advisor
Mentoring for Entrepreneurs

ICF, Erickson International

An experienced entrepreneur

Known for her bold ideas and entrepreneurial energy, Maureen boasts 33 years of experience in market studies, marketing strategies, and product and market development for organizations valued between $50 million and $650 million.

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Today, Maureen is launching a second career where she will draw on her experience to help leaders trace their own path to success.

An international coach

An Erickson International graduate and a member of the ICF (International Coach Federation), Maureen is a founding member of Giving Back to the World, a nonprofit created by multicultural coaches from diverse business backgrounds who want to help people in need. She coaches in English and French. She is also currently taking courses at Laval University’s Collège des administrateurs de sociétés.

A mentor for young entrepreneurs

Maureen is a past participant in the ENABLIS Foundation’s International Mentoring Program, where she worked with entrepreneurs in Africa. She has also mentored young entrepreneurs who graduated from Laval.

Giving Back to the World, enablis
Sophie Bizeul

Sophie Bizeul

MA (Dist.)
MCC Certified Coach, ICF
Coaching Mentor and Supervisor

Master level coaching experience

After seven years as a coach on Anthony Robbins’s team, Sophie started her own coaching practice. A trilingual (English, French, and Spanish) Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Foundation, she works with international clients from various backgrounds—both private individuals and business executives and managers from a broad range of industries and the public sector.

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Sophie has more than 4,000 hours of experience in the fields of coaching, mentoring, supervising, and training coaches. She regularly helps clients with matters like career choice, life transitions, motivation, leadership, communication, time management, work/life balance, fear, stress, conflict management, self-confidence, and interpersonal relations.

In her work, Sophie seeks first and foremost to create a space inspired by the words of the poet Rumi: “Beyond right and wrong, there is a field. I will meet you there.”


  • Master Certified Coach (MCC), International Coach Federation
  • Masters in Coaching and Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Certificate, Erickson Coaching International
  • Coaching Supervision Diploma, Coaching Supervision Academy


  • Senior Coach Trainer, Erickson Coaching International
  • Coach Supervisor Trainer, Coaching Supervision Academy
  • Independent Reviewer, International Coach Federation
Gaby Da Silva

Gaby Da Silva

PCC Certified Coach, ICF
Coaching Mentor
Director Erickson Quebec

An accomplished coach

Gaby is an accomplished coach who has made her mark working with large private sector companies in Quebec, as well as with the federal and provincial governments. Her career has seen her take on a variety of management and strategic development roles.

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Gaby previously worked as a coach for the Anthony Robbins Organization and recently bought a dream property where she offers fishing, permaculture, and development workshops to the public.

A specialist in leadership, team management, and management coaching, she is known for her energy, her ability to connect with audiences, and her knack for helping clients see things from new perspectives. She is also trilingual (English, French, and Portuguese).

Head trainer at Erickson Quebec

Gaby is a PCC-accredited coach, mentor for ICF and Erickson Quebec, and ICF-recognized leadership trainer. She delivers training to public and private sector organizations. Gaby is a senior manager with Erickson Quebec and has led The Art & Science of Coaching program since 2012.

She is an accredited Professional Certified Coach – International Coach Federation, an Erickson Certified Professional Coach – Erickson International (Vancouver) and holds a BA (Honours) in Human Relations from Concordia University, Montreal xperience.

Jacques Hallé

Jacques Hallé

PCC Certified Coach, ICF

A wealth of management experience

Jacques has amassed 38 years of financial sector executive experience working with entrepreneurs and managers. That experience includes establishing and running a financial center, as well as the merger of several financial centers.

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Jacques’s leadership training and the knowledge acquired in navigating these change management challenges led him to appreciate the full scope of human talent just waiting to be tapped. He has since dedicated himself to skills development, pursuing this rewarding work as a coach for the past six years.

His coaching vision

Jacques stresses listening, respect, and creativity to help coachees gain new awareness, broaden their vision, and learn by doing. Confidently engaged in developing their own skills, they can effectively reach their goals.

The purpose behind his coaching

To contribute to an inspired and inspiring community of effective and happy businesspeople and managers.

Michelle Collard

Michelle Collard

Coach Professionnelle certifiée PCC, ICF
Coach certifiée programmation neuro-linguistique, SICPNL
Mentor et superviseur de coachs

Un parcours professionnel éloquent

Après avoir occupé des postes de direction générale au sein de grandes organisations dans le secteur de la santé et des services sociaux, Michelle a fait le choix d’orienter sa carrière en coaching exécutif. Elle accompagne depuis plus de 10 ans des gestionnaires de divers niveaux hiérarchiques ainsi que la relève de demain. 

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Diplômée en sciences de la santé, en relations industrielles, en administration (développement des organisations), elle est certifiée coach exécutif PCC-ICF (International Coaching Federation) et le SICPNL (Société internationale des coachs en programmation neurolinguistique) et est membre de l’ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines, CRHA.

Développement de l’intelligence émotionnelle

Intéressée par le développement de l’intelligence émotionnelle, Michelle a obtenu sa certification de coach expert EQ-i 2.0 et EQ-360. Depuis, elle administre des centaines de tests de quotient émotionnel auprès de leaders de divers milieux et les accompagne dans leurs développements. Elle possède également une certification coach expert en analyse des comportements et des forces motrices Trimetrix® DNA-TTi Success Insights.

Ouverture, créativité et douceur, sa marque de commerce

Elle anime des groupes de co-développement sur les thèmes de l’intelligence émotionnelle, des communications et le leadership conscient. Reconnue pour son ouverture, son humanisme, sa créativité, sa douceur aux effets surprenants et sa perspicacité, elle appuie sa pratique de coaching sur une vaste expérience de vie personnelle et professionnelle et sur des milliers d’heures d’accompagnement de leaders en situation de gestion. Elle agit également à titre de mentor et de superviseure certifiée pour les coachs.

Line Blackburn

Line Blackburn

PCC Certified Coach, ICF

An inspiring professional journey

Line was an occupational therapist for ten years before going back to school to complete a Master’s degree in health administration and a certificate in creativity. She went on to work in human resources, including a three-year stint as a human resources assistant. She has been coaching for more than five years.

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Line trained as a coach with Erickson College International and earned a certificate in creativity from the University of Buffalo’s Creative Education Foundation. She belongs to an appreciative inquiry co-development group as well as a working group exploring the use of strengths and talents from a positive psychology perspective. She is the co-author of the free e-book on leader strengths, published in 2019: The leader’s strengths VIA-Gestion ( She is a member of Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés du Québec (CHRA) as well as the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the ICF Quebec City chapter.

Appreciative approach

Line bases her approach on positive psychology, which helps foster excellence in everybody. This approach, founded on individual managers’ strengths and talents, promotes skills development while using the appreciative inquiry approach to take coachees’ specific needs and circumstances into account.

Line also employs creative problem solving methods and creative tools to encourage managers to venture out of their comfort zones and try new approaches.

Lastly, her coaching methods incorporate mindfulness techniques designed to guide managers to be more aware of themselves and others in order to make a lasting impact.

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