Innergia and
Intervention and Organizational Change (IOC)

You need to be sure…

… that your organization direction, strategies and objectives are consistent with your vision, values and priorities.

You need to optimize…

… your organization efficiency to maximize return on investments and ensure your company’s long-term viability.

You need to dream…

… of a time when your leaders and the entire organization take full responsibility to achieve your corporate goals and the results you are aiming for.

Innergia can guide you in the choice and implementation of innovative solutions on par with your ambitions:

  • Diagnosis – organizational culture andhealth
  • Consolidation of leadership teams and governance planning
  • Recruitment of managers, high-level employees, and executives
  • Supervision, workforce mobilization, and change management
  • Compensation policy and structure, incentive compensation (bonuses, commissions, etc.) and pay equity
  • Custom manager training on positive and disciplinary intervention
  • Drafting and implementation of management policies and practices
  • Labour relations, conflict management, and legal advice on termination of employment
  • Labour law, negotiation and drafting of collective agreements
  • Preparation and implementation of employee handbooks and onboarding programs
  • Employer of choice branding and modernization of recruitment and talent selection practices
  • Succession and workforce planning
  • Organization charts and reorganization of duties and responsibilities
  • Behavioural interviews (APS technique), skills assessments, and psychometric profiling
  • Organization communications plans

Ready to start?

The Innergia promise.

We help top-level decision-makers and managers fulfill their potential and guide their teams more effectively in pursuit of their goals.