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Innergia’s coaching approach is geared for both small & large businesses and institutions committed to fostering leadership, teamwork, innovation and performance excellence amongst executives and managers.

Our coaches don’t instill a specific method or approach. Rather, our coaches help leaders develop and leverage their own personal style & strengths. Your Corporate Objectives become our goalposts!

The power of our approach lies in the “advisory committee” that Innergia’s coaches play as they engage with senior executives while exploring new horizons and ideas. Our coaches help leadership set and consistently achieve objectives by creating an environment for greater focus and clarity, and empowering them to act.

Our packages for your ORGANIZATION

Organizational Challenge

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Acquire the tools you need to help an entire organization navigate a major change such as a restructuring, a merger, a cultural ‘makeover’ or a significant strategic shift. Organizational coaching will aid change management, enhance the ‘speed of change’ and promote a successful outcome. The role of the coaches is to build confidence and promote leadership and successful engagement with all employees.

“Foster engagement and empower your employees.”


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Executive coaching helps senior leadership manage through complex situations and promotes decisions based on facts, encourages creativity and emphasizes a win-win outcome.

As a business leader, the impact of your decisions has a broad and lasting impact on your company and organization. Your decisions can transform your business and have significant business impact. Innergia provides leadership with the tools you need to grow, inspire your employee and boost business performance.

Your reality is shaped by what you believe in and are passionate about. Executive coaching is designed to help you achieve a higher level of awareness. Via structured guidance and extensive feedback, Innergia will focus on your resources, self-control, motivation, energy, creativity, confidence and carefully crafted goals.

“Face your challenges by looking ahead and seeing clearly into yourself and your organization.”

Collaborative Teamwork

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Develop the flexibility, open-mindedness and interpersonal skills essential to be a collaborative & inspirational leader – able to navigate across generations of employees with broad ranging skills and experience.

Innergia’s Team Coaching utilizes a unique approach that considers the team as a whole and places value in every person in their specific role. The goal of our coaching is to boost company performance by fostering synergies of creative ideas as well leveraging the strengths and diversity of every team.

“Learn to take control of the situation and become an inspiring leader, coach and team member.”

Leadership and Influence

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Strengthen the ability of your managers to lead by influence and boost confidence in their respective teams. Top leaders are inspirational and able to get the very best from every team member to achieve business goals previously seen as unattainable. Our coaches help top performers leverage their strengths, perfect their skills and reach their full potential as corporate leaders.

“Be the influential leader that propels your organization to new heights.”


– Package –

Spark innovation and manage change in unprecedented times. This package is designed to support frontline managers faced with big decisions having very significant implications during high uncertain, dynamic times. Our coaches provide new perspectives and tools to help managers access, adapt and boost performance and strategic impact as well as their ability to motivate their team.

“Be a leader that maintains a ‘calm head’ during the most challenging times and is able to manage with expertise, tact and confidence.”

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We help top-level decision-makers and managers fulfill their potential and guide their teams more effectively in pursuit of their goals.